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Provide technical and Chinese and foreign literature services

This document service platform focuses on providing technology and Chinese and foreign literature services for small and medium-sized chemical, pharmaceutical, and animal drug companies. 
(1) Service content 
1. Special technical service: Provide chemical and chemical, pharmaceutical, animal medicine and other production and laboratory technology and technical consultation according to user requirements. Provide production and laboratory technology, sign technical contracts, clarify responsibilities and provide technical methods. Technical advice is charged as appropriate. 
2, Chinese and foreign literature (including internal information) services: 
(1) service content according to user requirements to provide professional and comprehensive abstracts, journals, degrees, conferences, patents, standards (including pharmacopoeia, veterinary pharmacopoeia and industrial standards, etc.) and important monographs, etc. And thematic summary. 
(2) Documents providing methods Chinese and foreign literature (including internal data) services, directly sent to the user's mailbox, special internal information express delivery. Chinese and foreign documents can be replied or sent out on the same day, and reply or issue at the latest three days. 
(3) The fee is the lowest, and the initial service is negotiated with the user. For enterprises with economic difficulties, the old professor who enjoys the special allowance of the State Council said that Chinese and foreign literature can be provided free of charge. 
(2) Contact information

1,  2380499355@qq.com
2,  1138616265@qq.com